Klaus Schwab: ‘God Is Dead’ and the WEF is ‘Acquiring Divine Powers’Watch now (9 min) | God is dead, according to the World Economic Forum, who have also declared that “Jesus is fake news,” and that WEF leaders have…

October 2022

In their own wordsWatch now (2 min) | “Energy systems, food systems and supply chain systems will be deeply affected. We will destroy unfortunately a lot of employment…

September 2022

Why WEF Politicians are Disrupting Energy & Food SuppliesWatch now (1 min) | “Scarcity = Dependency = Control”

August 2022

EO 14067Watch now (8 min) | Programmable Digital Currency

June 2022

New World OrderWatch now (54 sec) | “Our darkest days are ahead of us, not behind us” - Biden
Psychologists say a good life doesn’t have to be happy, or even meaningful
Metaverse Parents' GuideWatch now (1 min) | Protecting kids from inappropriate content is going to be more difficult
The ProphetWatch now (20 sec) | Every shortage we are experiencing is intentional - we know what’s coming because Klaus Schwab tells us.
Agenda 21Watch now (5 min) | A 5 minute documentary on UN’s agenda documented from their own sources. Also referred to as Agenda 2030
Useless PeopleWatch now (6 min) | Yuval Harari on what to do with all these useless people

May 2022

Davos 2022Watch now (3 min) | Highlights from the annual meeting.
Guinea PigsWatch now (2 min) | "In Israel we have this big laboratory of surveillance called the occupied territories, where you have 2.5 million guinea pigs of…