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Metaverse Parents' Guide

Protecting kids from inappropriate content is going to be more difficult

World Economic Forum on Metaverse
Jan 28, 2022: A Parents' Guide to the Metaverse.

3 things parents need to know about the metaverse

It’s a fully immersive digital reality
Accessed through VR and AR devices

The meta verse has not been fully developed yet
But VR games give us a taste of what it might look like

Though it’s less clear what changes the metaverse will bring about

Especially for its youngest cohort of users

Here are 3 areas parents should consider…

1] Protecting kids from inappropriate content is going to be more difficult

Video games played on consoles have visible warning labels

But metaverse warnings will only be visible to the person immersed in it

Making it harder to ensure children are only engaging with suitable content

2] Children will process the metaverse differently than adults

Studies suggest they could become more deeply immersed in the experience

This poses new questions about how to monitor and regulate their time there

3] Parents will need to take an active interest in the metaverse too

You can’t check over your child’s shoulder….

If they are wearing a VR headset

To keep children’s metaverse experiences safe and enjoyable

Parents will need to become informed users of it alongside their kids

How do you think the metaverse will change society?

This is another way to draw adults into the Metaverse, to “protect” their children. They want everyone to plug into their matrix.